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Thank you for visiting the pages of UKIP Great Yarmouth Association’s new website. I hope you will find it both interesting and informative.

Our Association is a locally based group which supports and promotes the aims and objectives of UKIP nationally at the same time as representing the people of Great Yarmouth at local and county level.

The Association is run by volunteers and supported by ordinary members of our community who believe that there are alternatives to the existing political establishment and what they stand for. You may well hold those same views.

If you would like to find out more about getting involved with UKIP-GY, please use the contact details on the contact page to contact us, or the contact details on the Councillors page to contact your elected UKIP representatives at Great Yarmouth Borough Council and Norfolk County Council.

Best regards

Peter Fitzgerald


How we Work

Although UKIP Great Yarmouth differs from other political parties in many ways, the issue of democratic election of its Councillors, Councillor group members and branch officers is fundamental to its operation. Annually members of the Branch Executive are elected at the Branch AGM which is held in September, where all eligible members have the chance to cast their votes.

Similarly our Councillor group hold elections at their AGM in May to adopt their officers for the forthcoming year. These positions are voted on by the Councillor group members. Also this year saw the voting in of UKIP - GY 's first candidate for the position of Mayor for the municipal year 2016 - 2017.

Executive Committee   This is made up of the following officers and they can be contacted through our contact page;

Chairman                       Mr Peter Fitzgerald

Vice-Chairman              Mr Paul Hammond

Secretary                       Cllr Kay Grey

Treasurer                       Mr Peter Phipps

Campaigns Officer        Cllr Alan Grey

Social Events Officer    T B A

Executive Officer          Mr Alex Monk

From time to time and for specific purposes, members may be seconded to the executive committee. This is done by majority vote of the executive, and secondments are for pre determined periods not exceeding the life of the present Executive Committee.

Councillor Group   This is made up of all UKIP Borough Council elected Councillors and they can be contacted through our Councillor contact page;

Group Leader                      Cllr Kay Grey

Deputy Group Leader         Cllr Rachel Jones

County Councillor Group   This is a similar arrangement as our Borough Councillor group only the administration of which is carried out at Norfolk County level. Our County Councillor contact details can be found on our Councillor contact page.

Meetings   Our branch meetings held every third Thursday in the month except for August and December. They are presently held at the Rumbold Arms, Southtown Road, Great Yarmouth. at 7:30pm. All members of UKIP are welcome to attend and non members are welcome to come along with a member.

Annual General Meeting   Held in September at above venue, all members notified and eligible to vote. Non member attendance at Chairman's discretion.

Executive Committee meetings   These meetings are held every two weeks and attendance is by invitation only.

Councillor Group Meetings   These meetings are not held in public and are determined by work load of Council business.

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Due to the particularly despicable way that the Portuguese Speaking Network Great Yarmouth (PSNGY) has been attacked on social media, the organisation has asked us to confirm publicly that our two organisations are not, and have never been, linked in any way shape or form.

Our candidate Aurelio Spinola has been selected by UKIP on his own merits and his past position within this organisation is exactly that - his past.

It is regrettable that other community organisations could not look first at their own politicization before they commit to unfounded and inaccurate comment on social media.

UKIP is a broad church and we welcome any who share our ideals and look to commit to representing their communities.