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NCC Elections 2017
25572 UKIP Leaflet Alan Grey.pdf 25572 UKIP Leaflet Carl Annison.pdf 25572 UKIP Leaflet Chris Walch.pdf 25572 UKIP Leaflet Donna Hammond.pdf 25572 UKIP Leaflet Jonathon Childs.pdf 25572 UKIP Leaflet Michael Toomey.pdf 25572 UKIP Leaflet Peter Fitzgerald.pdf

This year, 2017, sees UKIP Great Yarmouth Association standing in all nine Yarmouth wards in the Norfolk County Council election in May. We hope to build on our success in previous elections, which have seen us achieve UKIP Councillors in four wards.

UKIP councillors have really made a difference. Help us continue the good work. Vote UKIP in May.

Election statements from all our candidates are below. Please click on the links to display each leaflet in its own page.

25572 UKIP Leaflet Kay Grey 2.pdf 25794 UKIP Leaflets John Ellerton.pdf